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You'll need references...

You will need to complete our application form with details about yourself. We will require contact information of suitable people who would be prepared to complete a personal reference request also your current/past employers and current/past landlords. These will be contacted by post, fax or email and will be asked to answer a few questions about you.

You will also need to complete a Bank Status Enquiry form.  This you will need to complete, sign and take into your bank or building society, they will charge you for this service (approx £10.00). The bank will return a reference directly to us. There is no financial information given to us, this reference purely indicates that you are a client with the bank, you maintain your account in a satisfactory manner and that they consider you are in a position to pay the rental figure indicated. Please check with us that this reference has been received as the bank can be very slow in responding and this can hold up your application.